Will Artery Blocking Treatment Help You Lose Weight

Will Artery Blocking Treatment Help You Lose Weight

The New Alternative To Gastric Surgery

A pioneering new weight loss procedure could spell the end for gastric band surgery

man with gastric bandGastric band (or bypass) surgery has been extremely popular with clinically obese individuals despite its serious risks; infection, blood loss and rejection.

It works by ‘shrinking’ the stomach so that the patient cannot accept as much food as they usually would because they feel full.

But now, a new, less-invasive alternative has been developed and tested in the US at John Hopkins University.

As featured in the Daily Mail online, it explains how artery blocking treatment has been used on patients for other health conditions but it was revealed that patients lost 10% of their body weight while receiving the treatment.

Tiny balls (microspheres) of medical grade gelatine are placed inside the left gastric artery by a catheter in the groin where the tiny gelatine balls are placed inside the artery. These balls then make their way into the blood vessels blocking the artery which is where they remain.

With this kind of procedure, its believed that patients could lose up to 45lb in just 6 months

The procedure is believed to help shut off the production of a hormone called ghrelin that stimulates appetite. It has been shown in studies that by blocking the blood supply to a certain part of the stomach helps to kill the ghrelin cells, meaning less of the hormone is released so the patient is less hungry and more likely to feel satiety after eating for longer.

Studies have revealed that obese individuals have a higher level of ghrelin than those who are not obese.

 Its similar to a treatment known as embolisation.

overweight woman on scalesThe uses for embolisation are to prevent bleeding in the stomach and other organs and to help to shrink fibroids (benign growths in the womb) by cutting off the blood supply.

It was discovered that this led to weight loss when patients undergoing embolisation lost (on average) 8% of their body weight.

Doctors at Harvard University found that patients who had this type of therapy to treat bleeding also lost an average of 8 per cent of their body weight.

Additional studies and clinically trials on animals concluding that by blocking the gastric artery and in turn reducing the level of ghrelin hormone, weight loss occurred.

The therapy is in its infancy and so it may be some time before it is approved to be a viable weight loss solution for the future to treat obesity but it could mean that risky gastric surgery could become a thing of the past.

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