Where To Buy Tava Tea Easy Jasmine In Ireland

Tava Tea Easy Jasmine Review

Another Exciting Addition To Ireland’s Best Slimming Tea Tava Tea!


tava tea easy jasmineTava Tea Easy Jasmine Blend is the one of the newest variations in the Tava Tea weight loss tea range.

Fans of the original Tava Tea blend will not be disappointed with the latest arrival.

Also available is the Tava Tea Soft Peppermint Blend

With the same powerful and natural formulation, Tava Tea Easy Jasmine helps to keep fat at bay by increasing the metabolism, promote a feeling of calm and tranquility, while providing you with potent antioxidants protecting the body from damaging toxins and free radicals.

“So Much More Than Just a Weight Loss Tea..”

Tava Tea Easy Jasmine helps to calm both body and mind and help maintain good health

The Tava Easy Jasmine Formula

Tava Tea Easy Jasmine contains;

Steamed Sencha

sencha leaves Steamed Sencha is one of the most popular teas in Japan, with its unique taste and appearance, Sencha contains high levels of Catechins, antioxidants that help to lower blood pressure and lower levels of dangerous cholesterol.

It can prevent blood clots, reducing the risk of suffering from heart disease and other cardiovascular conditions.

Click Here To Buy Tava Tea Easy Jasmine In Irelandjasmine silver needle

Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea

Jasmine Silver Needle is a white tea that originates from the Jujian province in China.

The white tea buds are covered with a bed of jasmine flowers for 7 nights which gives the tea the sweet, fragrant aroma of Jasmine.

Silver Needle is claimed to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and improve eyesight.


Lavender extract is reknowned for its soothing and calming properties. lavender extract

It has many uses and has been used for centuries to treat conditions such as insomnia and anxiety and minor injuries that include cuts and burns.

It can also help to relieve digestive discomfort and calm an upset stomach.

Where To Buy Tava Tea Easy Jasmine In Ireland

 You can buy Tava Tea Easy Jasmine securely and easily from the manufacturers website.

Each pack contains 20 pyramid tea bags (enough for a 1 month’s supply)

It’s RRP was €38.16 but for a limited time, you can purchase Tava Easy Jasmine for just €25.39. That’s a nice little saving of €12.74.

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Can’t Decide Which Flavour To Try??

Why Not Try The New Tava Tea Taster Bundle?

If you’d like to try all the flavours in the Tava Tea range, here’s your chance.

The Tava Tea taster bundle includes the original Tava Tea, Soft Jasmine and Soft Peppermint variations. tava tea taster bundle

3 delicious teas all guaranteed to help you lose weight and feel great, at the price of €63.91 (RRP €102.18) which makes a great saving of €38.25!

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