Where To Buy Meratol In Ireland

Where To Buy Meratol In Ireland

Meratol Carb Blocker Review

Perhaps familar to some of you, the Meratol diet pill has remained on the market for quite some time.

But does this popular and well established diet pill deserve the praise it gets? We find out.


What Is Meratol?

Meratol is a weight loss supplement that helps to increase the metabolic rate for fasting fat burning.

It can help to increase energy, attention and alertness, reduce tiredness and is said that it may help to suppress appetite.

What makes Meratol different from similar weight loss supplements is because there is evidence to suggest that it may help to block carbs.

Since its launch, Meratol has had a fervent celebrity following.

Examples include Lauren Goodger of TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) who lost a whole dress size whilst taking Meratol. A Listers such as George Clooney and Eva Longoria (of Desperate Housewives fame) have also been rumoured to be fans of the weight loss supplement. It’s also had positive media attention online and in magazines*;

Meratol woman magazinemeratol bella magazine

Courtesy of Bella magazine and Woman magazine*

Meratol Official Website

The Meratol Formula

Meratol contains ingredients such as Capsicum (chilli), prickly pear, caffeine and brown algae.

Capsicum (chilli)

capsicum pepperCapsicum is a genus of flowering plants belonging to the nightshade family Solanaceae.

It is commonly used in cooking to add heat and spice due to the capsaicin it contains. Capsaicin is a chemical that produces a strong burning sensation when consumed.

This helps to increase the body temperature and metabolic rate by a process known as thermogenesis.

Capsicum can help users to burn a whopping 270 more calories than normal.

Prickly Pear (Opuntia)

Prickly Pear belongs to the cacti family Cactaceae and are found in central prickly pearand western Mexico and in the West Indies.

Prickly Pear is believed to have many benefits to health. It can help to treat depression, UTI’s, fatigue and menstrual disorders to name a few. But it is commonly used today for its effects on weight loss.

It is said to increase the metabolism, burn fat, suppress the appetite by delaying the intestine’s absorption of glucose and even help to decrease fluid retention and even help prevent cellulite from forming.

Caffeine (1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine)

caffeine coffee beansCaffeine is a compound that is naturally derived from coffee beans with natural stimulant effects on the body.

Found in certain foods and beverages such as Coffee and Green tea, Caffeine is so popular because of its effects on the central nervous system. 

It helps to boost concentration, improve alertness, increase the metabolism for faster fat burning, boost energy and reduce tiredness, boost stamina and performance and improve blood circulation around the body.

Brown Algae (Brown seaweed)

brown algaeBrown Algae extract is an ancient Asian food that shot to popularity in the 1960’s when it was introduced to the US. Brown algae is a group of marine algae that include seaweed from the Northern Hemisphere. They are important in marine environments as they provide food and habitats.

Various studies have shown that brown algae can help to banish abdominal fat, shed the fat around the heart and internal organs and lower high blood pressure and high cholesterol. This is because brown algae helps the body to produce a liver enyzme that can help to naturally reduce cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

How To Take Meratol

woman lost weight with meratolMeratol is designed to be taken just once a day. Two capsules should be taken in the morning, preferably before breakfast. It’s suitable for both men and women.

Will I Lose Weight With Meratol?

The best thing about Meratol is that it doesn’t require any strict or faddy diets, but it does require consistant use and of course, eating healthily and being active will lead to the best possible results.

Where To Buy Meratol In Ireland

Meratol can be purchased online worldwide directly from the manufacturers, various shipping options are available.

Prices start at just €40.95 for a one month (60 capsules) supply.

If you’re really serious about losing weight, you can buy the Premier package.

That’s 4 months supply of Meratol, plus you receive 1 free bottle and shipping is free.

That’s 5 whole months of weight loss potential. meratol ingredients CTA

Was €169.07 Now available for €114.95, that’s a saving of over €54.00!

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But It’s Not Too Late To Get Back In Shape

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