Where To Buy Capsiplex Sport In Ireland

How Does Capsiplex Sport Work

 Capsiplex Sport is a turbo-changed version of the much-loved chilli diet pill Capsiplex… 

capsiplex sportThe original chilli diet pill Capsiplex took the world by storm, loved by celebrities including UK glamour model and Celebrity Big Brother star Nicola McLean, actress of Emmerdale fame Roxanne Pallett and (so it’s rumoured) Britney Spears and Brad Pitt! It was a huge success and was featured heavily in the media as ‘the slim at your desk’ pill. 

A few years later hoping to match the success of the original, the manufacturers developed Capsiplex Sport as a maximum strength version, designed primarily for active men and women as a high powered fat burner and energy booster combined to help fight the flab and to enhance your athletic performance.

What Is Capsiplex Sport?

Capsiplex Sport is a powerful fat burner and metabolic booster all in one that combines not just capsicum extract but a host of other important ingredients that are essential to boost performance, a faster metabolism and optimum fat burning.

Capsiplex Sport Benefits

  • Minimal Stimulants – No Side Effects Just More Energy
  • Helps Fight Fatigue
  • Makes You More Focused And Gives You More Drive To Power On
  • Increased Metabolism For Faster Fat Burning – Burn Off Up To 278 Extra Calories A Day!
  • Completely Natural

All these effects are more with just one capsule a day, when taken at least 30 minutes prior to exercise. However, even if you aren’t particularly active, you will certainly benefit from not just weight loss but also the increased stamina, energy and concentration which can deplete throughout the day, no more ‘afternoon slump!’

Capsiplex Sport Ingredients

Capsicum Extract

capsicum extractCapsicum extract (chilli pepper) contains an abundance of a substance known as capsaicin, this is responsible for the ‘heat’ or ‘burning sensation’ that we experience when we eat a hot pepper or chilli.

This is because of Thermogenesis, a process where as our body temperature rises, so does our metabolic rate so we produce more energy. We also break down fat due to another process called lipolysis. 


L-arginine is an a natural amino acid that produces nitric oxide (this is often lost during exercise) and helps to build up a supply of lactic acid in the body. Lactic acid helps the muscles to perform better by boosting blood flow and also helping you to recover faster from your workouts.

piperine extractPiperine

Piperine is the hot part of black pepper. It increases the metabolism and helps to increase the bioavailability of essential nutrients we require from our food.

Vitamin B3 (niacin)

Vitamin B3 helps the body to metabolise fats, proteins and carbohydrates, as well helping to reduce tiredness and boosting energy. 


Caffeine is a well-known stimulant, but the amount contained in Capsiplex Sport is lower than many fat burners so is a lot easier to tolerate (particularly those who are sensitive to caffeine). Capsiplex Sport contains roughly the same as one large cup of coffee.

Capsiplex Sport also contains additional vitamins and minerals that include potassium, vitamin c and magnesium which help to support a healthy heart, maintain fluid and electrolyte levels and sharpen concentration.

Where To Buy Capsiplex Sport In Ireland

Capsiplex Sport is available online (worldwide) from the manufacturers for just €44.99 for a one month supply.

The more you buy; the more you save.

For €164.97, you get a 3 months supply of Capsiplex Sport PLUS an amazing 3 months supply absolutely free! That’s 6 whole months to reach your fitness goals and you save 50%

Due to its popularity, it’s likely to sell out fast so hurry, get yours now!

Buy Capsiplex Sport Direct

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