Where Can I Buy White Mulberry Leaf In Ireland

White Mulberry Leaf Sugar Controller Review

Will White Mulberry Leaf Help Me Lose Weight?

White-Mulberry-Leaf-BottleWhite Mulberry Leaf extract has been traditionally used for many centuries for its natural and safe ability to help to maintain and balance fluctuating sugar levels after eating. 

Now thanks to brand new revolutionary supplement technology, White mulberry leaf is now available in a convienient capsule form designed to aid successful weight loss by helping to block sugar.

The brand new White Mulberry Leaf 500mg supplement, developed in the UK has not long been unveiled and it has some amazing weight loss benefits:

  • Helps to suppress appetite and food cravings
  • Prevents the dip in sugar levels which leaves us lethargic
  • Works in-conjunction with a fat burning supplement to maintain a healthy weight
  • Reduces the effects of sugar and carbohydrates in the body
  • Unique compound 1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ) naturally occurring in mulberry leaves is thought to inhibit sugar

Sugar is a leading cause of weight gain and TV presenter Davina McCall took Davina mccall sugar daily mailto the media and announced on the Daily Mail Online that she has given up all sugar and in her own words – ‘I’ve never felt this fantastic.’

Read The Interview Here*

Courtesy of the Daily Mail Online*

But if you really cannot face the thought of giving up all things sugar, the good news is you don’t have to with White Mulberry Leaf.

 White Mulberry Leaf Overview

White Mulberry (alternative names; Morus alba, Morus indica, chi sang) is a herb native to China. The fruit is commonly used for food, either eaten raw or cooked. The powdered leaves are used most commonly for medicine. It is also the food of silkworms.

white mulberry leaf extractWhite mulberry has many uses that are beneficial to health. It is commonly used to try and treat the common cold, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pain from arthritis and other joint conditions, hair loss and tinnitus amongst many others.

It has been proven that the active chemicals found in white mulberry mimic the way that medicines used to treat type 2 diabetes works. It slows down the breakdown of sugars in the gut so that they are absorbed more slowly into the blood, by keeping the sugar levels regulated and within a normal range.

Read More About White Mulberry Leaf Here

 How Does White Mulberry Leaf Work?

The White Mulberry Leaf supplement simply decreases and blocks the metabolism of sugars from the foods that we eat, then the body excretes them as normal waste which prevents weight gain as a result from sugar.

By taking White Mulberry Leaf before meals, it can help to stabilise sugar levels which controls the appetite, reducing your hunger levels meaning you feel fuller quicker and in turn eat less.  A drop in blood sugar is often responsible for low blood sugar levels that often leave us craving sugary things after a big meal or throughout the day, particularly after lunch, known as the ‘slump.’

 When combined with a well-balanced diet, exercise and the use of a fat burner, excellent weight loss results can be achieved.

 How To Take White Mulberry Leaf

White Mulberry Leaf should be taken as a dietary supplement, not as a subsititute for healthy diet and lifestyle.

Simply take one capsule 10-30 minutes before a meal, no more than 2 capsules a day. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Those under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers or those on any long-term medication should consult their doctor before taking white mulberry leaf. woman measuring waist

 Should I Take White Mulberry Leaf?

If sugar cravings are your downfall, White Mulberry Leaf can certainly help to eliminate the sugar cravings and help to reduce weight gain caused through diets with excess sugar.

Where To Buy White Mulberry Leaf In Ireland

White Mulberry Leaf can be purchased directly from its manufacturers; Evolution Slimming. Ordering is quick and easy, no fuss and fast delivery for those throughout Ireland and the UK.

A one month supply (60 capsules) is priced at €38.00.

A Two (120 capsules) and three months supply (180 capsules) are also available with some great discounts.

Save between 25%-42% if you buy Today, hurry while stocks last!

 Click Here To Order Your Supply Of White Mulberry Leaf




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