What Are Fat Binders

Fat Binders And Weight Loss

What Are They And How Can They Help You Lose Weight?

woman belly fatWhat Is A Fat Binder?

A fat binder (or fat blocker) is a herbal weight loss supplement (usually plant based compound) that attract and absorb -almost like a sponge- the dietary fat from the foods that we eat.

When these compounds meet the dietary fat they stick together to form a glue/gel like consistency to essentially ‘bind’ the fat together, this renders the fat undigestible by the body so it is then passed through the body naturally.

As the compound begins to swell to form the gel matrix in the intestine, the user may feel a sensation of ‘fullness’ as if he/she has just eaten.

Fat binders are commonly confused with fat burners. They have the same purpose as in they are both designed to help support weight loss, but they have a different action. A fat binder stops fat from being absorbed in the first instance, whereas a fat burner helps to burn the digested fat by raising the metabolism.

Fat Binder Ingredients

The two most common ingredients you’re likely to find in a good quality fat binder are Chitosan and Glucomannan.

Chitosan extract is taken from the shells of lobster, shrimp and crabs. It’s a natural soluble fibre that helps to block the absorption and digestion of dietary chitosanfat and cholesterol. If you have a shellfish allergy, no matter how mild, it is best to consult your doctor before taking a fat binder that contains chitosan.

Glucomannan is a natural extract taken from the root of the Konjac plant. This plant is found predominately in Asia.

They both work in a similar fashion, they both have natural appetite suppression capabilities thanks to high level of soluble dietary fibre.

When this fibre comes into contact with liquid, it swells to form a gel that causes the feeling of satiety or ‘fullness’. This means the user will feel satisfied for longer so will consume less food and in turn, fewer calories throughout the day which helps to promote weight loss.

Who Can Use A Fat Binder?

woman not eatingA fat binder is particularly suitable for those who haven’t got the time or the willpower to stick to a strict diet and lifstyle change or someone who just hasn’t had much success with other weight loss aids. They are generally suitable for most people because of their natural composition and usually produce no ill side effects in the majority of users.

The benefit of a fat binder is that there isn’t any need to make radical changes to your diet, although it goes without saying that eating a healthy, well balanced diet is not only vital for good health, it will always give you the best possible weight loss results.

How To Take A Fat Binder

Fat binders are normally required 2-3 times a day, one or two capsules with each meal is usually recommended.

Not all fat binders are the same so make sure you take them accordingly.

Best Fat Binder Ireland

One fat binder we can wholeheartedly recommend is Proactol XS.

proactol xs irelandClinically and medically tested and approved, Proactol XS is a powerful fat binder that uses Chitosan to bind up to 800 times its own weight in fat.

Proactol XS helps to inhibit the absorption of dietary fat, suppress appetite and help to regulate normal digestion.

It’s also fast-acting, getting to work within minutes.

Mischa Barton, star of the ‘OC’ US hit TV show can vouch for Proactol’s effectiveness as she used the product to maintain a healthy weight and reportedly lost 4lbs a week.

 Learn More About Proactol XS By Reading Our Review Here

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