Top Diet Pills Ireland

Top Diet Pills Ireland

Our Top Recommended Weight Loss Products

Woman eating tape measureMany of us spend a lot of our hard earned money on products that are touted to be a miracle weight loss cure but end up feeling frustrated when we discover they contain inferior and useless ingredients that do absolutely nothing for us.

Choosing a weight loss product that is both safe and effective can be a bit of a tall order. With so many products on the market to choose from, it can get very confusing.

So Where To Begin?

We have made it that bit easier for you by compiling a list of some of (what we believe) to be some of the best weight loss products available.

We have looked at their safety, efficacy, value for money and their overall weight loss results and these are what we believe, the best out there at the moment.

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Which One Will You Choose??

Editors Choice – The Best Product Out There!


PhenQ Ireland

 It may sound extremely similar to another slimming pill on the market but we can categorically say that PhenQ is in a league of its own.

It contains a very special trademarked ‘secret’ ingredient known only as α-LACYS RESET®.

α-LACYS RESET® was uniquely developed to help speed up the metabolism and promote thermogenesis (the process of burning fat for fuel), with a higher core body temperature, those excess calories are successfully burned away!

Natural and safe, made under stringent guidelines and in a FDA and GMP facility, PhenQ not only helps you burn fat fast, it also helps to boost mood and sense of well-being without any of the detrimental side effects that you may have experienced with other fat burners.

PhenQ also acts as a very sufficient appetite suppressant, this is excellent for those who just can’t say no!

You can purchase PhenQ quickly and securely online from the manufacturers website with a full 60 day money back guarantee.

A one month supply starts at just €65.95 – a saving of €10.00.

To save even more money and lose more inches on your waistline, a two month supply costs just €131.95 which includes an extra free one month supply where you save €65.95!

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Leanbean Female Fat Burner

The Dedicated Fat Burner For Active Women

Leanbean is a rather unique product, its formula has been cleverly developed specially for the active woman, working in complete synergy with the female body, using a carefully selected blend of essential stimulants alongside vitamins and minerals, it helps users to burn fat, and suppress appetite allowing them to reshape, tighten and tone all those important places to boost those feminine curves and attributes.

Available throughout Ireland direct from the manufacturers, a months supply costs €35.00 with some great offers for larger orders

The makers also provide a 90 day cash back guarantee (see official site for details)

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Forskolin 250 20%

Cokeus forskohlii is a plant extract that has been used for countless centuries for its natural weight loss capabilities, in addition to boasting other health benefits too.

Now this little gem is available in a daily capsule so its never been easier or more convenient.

It speeds up your metabolic rate making you break down fat even faster, promoting leaner body mass by enhancing the bodies production of a molecule known as cAMP, which in turn causes the cells to increase the amount of HSL (an enzyme hormone sensitive lipase) which helps to breakdown fat deposits.

A one month supply of Forskolin 250 costs just €39.99 and is available worldwide directly from the manufacturers.


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For Active Men And Women

Instant Knockout

instant knockout fat burner

Instant Knockout has been specifically designed for active men and women, while it was originally formulated for professional MMA fighters and boxers in mind, anybody active, both men and women can reap the benefits of this amazing fat burner. But don’t panic, it works for non-gym goers too!

Containing a powerful blend of herbal extracts that include Zinc, Glucomannan, Green Tea extract and Caffeine, this potent high performance fat burner can burn excess fat quickly, safely and efficiently while helping you maintain muscle and achieve the figure/physique you desire.

Instant Knockout can be purchased from the manufacturers website, prices start at €44.73 for a one month supply (120 capsules). Every order comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee.

More About Instant Knockout

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Recommended Fat Binder

 Proactol XS Fat Binder

proactol xs fat binder

Proactol XS is the medically approved natural fat binder that helps to reduce dietary fat intake by up to 800 times its own weight in fat by using the powerful active ingredient Chitosan.

Over 40 stringent medical trials have been carried out to ensure Proactol’s safety and effectiveness and it passes with flying colours. Its fans include American actress Mischa Barton of the hit US TV show ‘The OC‘, lost 4lbs a week taking Proactol XS.

A one month supply (60 capsules) of Proactol XS costs just €58.95 from the manufacturers website.

And that’s not all, the manufacturers are giving a 20% discount off ALL orders Of Proactol XS. (Read our review for more details)

More About Proactol XS

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If Taking Pills Doesn’t Really Appeal To You, Why Not Check Out The Following Alternative?

Recommended Diet Drink

Kou Tea 

Using a pure and organic blend of superior ancient green teas; Wuyi Cliff Oolong, Puerh and White tea, Kou Tea burns 2.5 as many calories as your average green tea! 

As seen in the media and used by many celebrities, we understand to include Oprah Winfrey herself, it helps to burn unwanted fat by lowering the levels of insulin from increasing so that fat cannot be stored in the body.

Studies reveal that Wuyi Cliff Oolong, when taken 15 minutes before eating carb rich foods can drastically prevent the spike of insulin from occurring.

Kou Tea is good not just for the body but for the soul, it promotes a feeling of calm and tranquility. It also helps to prevent cellular damage caused through environmental stresses and toxins which can help to slow down the ageing process.

Kou tea can be purchased from the manufacturers website for only €32.16 for a one month supply.

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