The Tongue Patch Diet Review

How Does Tongue Patch Surgery Work?

The controversial weight loss procedure has sparked equal amounts of interest and outrage, but would you be willing to give it a go for the sake of weight loss?

tongue patchDr Nikolas Chugay discussed his groundbreaking weight loss procedure on Fox News as a safer, cheaper and more effective weight loss solution as opposed to surgical treatments such as gastric bands.

Dr Chugay has developed what he calls the ‘Miracle Patch.’

In a 10 minute procedure, a special patch designed especially to fit the patient is surgically attached to the tongue with sutures.

The patch is made of a material called Prolene, a non-absorbable mesh material made of Polypropylene, usually used to repair hernias. The sutures used to attach the patch are also made of Prolene and are FDA approved.

The patch causes eating to be uncomfortable –even painful, so that the patient can only consume a special liquid diet that is supervised by Dr Chugay to ensure they are receiving the nutrition they need while reducing calorific intake to aid weight loss.

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The patch is designed to be worn for one month only and then removed. Some people have been known to wear them for longer.

So far over 150 people have had the surgery at his clinics, one based in Long Beach CA and the other in Beverly Hills and its been reported that one patient experienced a 20lbs weight loss in 28 days as a result of the patch. prolene patch

There is said to be no serious health implications, other than temporary swelling of the tongue and impaired speech which will resolve within 48 hours.

Many patients are able to go back to work the following day.

The patch can also be removed at any time and once the patch is removed, you can resume your diet as normal.

But the idea is that the patch helps to resrict the body to just 750-800 calories a day.


Other experts have voiced concerns about the risks of the procedure, such as permanent scarring of the tongue, tissue growth around the implant and serious infection. Not to mention, the risk of allergic reaction to the patch that could make the tongue swell and obstruct breathing.*

Despite the materials used are indeed safe for use in surgery, the procedure itself has not had an official FDA approval and is deemed by many professionals as unsafe and unethical due to the unnecessary pain caused to the patient.

To the contrary, Dr Chugay claims that his procedure is safe;-

“I did the first procedure last spring, and so far, in the 67 patients – the side effects have been very minimal. There have been no medical issues or big problems. The only thing we’ve seen is a slight irritation of the tongue where we’ve had to remove the patch a week before.”

woman staring at foodIt’s also well known that ‘crash-dieting’ often results in the weight returning quickly afterwards and in some cases, the person ends up gaining back more  weight than they had in the first place.

Once the patch is off, its unlikely that users will stick to the special restricted diet and will gradually go back to their old eating habits.

Where Is The Tongue Patch Diet Available?

As the procedure is only available in the US, for residents outside of America, it would require a trip overseas and a hefty $2,000 as well as the special liquid diet provided to you by Dr Chugay for $200.

Our Thoughts

We think the procedure is dangerous, clearly painful and in our opinion barbaric, not to mention the weight loss results are only temporary.

It’s also unclear what the long-term effects of the Miracle Patch could be.

If this procedure becomes more wide-spread which we doubt, we would strongly advise you not to undergo this procedure.

There are plenty of clinically proven weight loss supplements available that have an excellent safety record and can provide effective weight loss results in a Natural pills with green leafmore gradual, controlled manner so you are likely to fight the flab and keep it off.

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