The Fat Burning Effects Of Caffeine

The Fat Burning Effects Of Caffeine

caffeineMany of us have used Caffeine at some point or other to make us feel more alert and many of us rely on caffeine on a regular, if not daily basis.

For some people, caffeine is a staple part of their diet with many people being unable to function without their morning cup of coffee!

But What Is Caffeine?

1,3, 7- Trimethlyxanthine (as it is chemically known) or the more easily pronounced Caffeine to us, is a natural compound derived from coffee beans that is noted and favoured for its theraputic stimulant effects on the body.

Natural sources of Caffeine include Coffee, Cocoa, Guarana, Green Tea, Yerba Mate and Kola Nut.

It’s commonly used in weight loss supplements, in particular; fat burners, energy and performance boosters and is sometimes added to certain medications.

You can also find naturally occurring extracts of caffeine in some foods.

Effects Of Caffeine

cup made of coffee beansCaffeine is recognised for its potent effects on the central nervous system as it helps to: 

  • Increase alertness and vigiliance
  • Increase the heart rate
  • Speed up the metabolism aiding weight loss
  • Boost energy levels and athletic performance*
  • Boost blood flow around the body
  • Reduce Lethargy   

*Study Involving Caffeine

How Much Caffeine Should I Be Consuming?

This depends on the individual and your tolerance. Those who have not taken caffeine before should not start taking a supplement that contains more than 100mg of Caffeine. Though research has shown that a dose under 300mg may not be as efficacious when it comes to fat burning.

Caffeine Side Effects

Caffeine is generally safe and very well tolerated in most people. In fact, many of us consume sources of caffeine without even realising it. It is highly addictive in nature.

woman drinking coffeeThough because Caffeine raises the levels of adrelanine, Cortisol the stress hormone is then increased which can make some people feel restless, on edge and anxious.

It can cause insomnia and heart palpitations in users who are sensitive to its effects and in particular, when taken at night or in very high doses. It is a diuretic, which means if you drink a lot of caffeine you are likely to urinate more frequently.

Caffeine can also help to suppress the appetite, which is another reason why Caffeine can be helpful when trying to lose weight

Caffeine In Fat Burners

In fat burners that contain Caffeine, an effective dosage is thought to be in the region of 300-350mg a day.

Unless you have a sensitivity or a health condition where taking caffeine could be harmful, caffeine is suitable to take long-term as and when needed.

Our Recommended Fat Burner

One fat burner containing Caffeine that we can highly recommend is:

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Using 10 powerful herbal extracts that contain ingredients such as;

  • Green Tea extract
  • Zinc
  • Chromium
  • Glucomannan
  • And of course, Caffeine  

And even if you’ve never set foot in the gym, this high performance fat burner can help you lose the fat, while maintaining muscle and get the body you’ve always dreamed of.

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