Viagra Weight Loss

Can Viagra Really Keep You Slim

The Infamous Little Blue Pill Could Be A New Way To Lose Weight

Viagra weight lossResearchers in China have revealed their promising findings in a study conducted on rats using the famous erectile dysfunction drug Viagra.

Viagra (generic name Slidenafil) is a drug that treats erectile dysfunction and works by helping to relax the smooth muscles of the penis and increase blood flow.

Featured in the Daily Mail Online, laboratory studies on rats and mice showed that Viagra causes changes in body fat that helps the calories be used for energy instead of being stored as fat and prevented them from becoming obese even when they were fed a very high fat diet.

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How Can Viagra Help You Lose Weight

The way in which they believe Viagra can help is because not all fat is created equally. The vast majority of fatty tissue found in an adults body is ‘white’ fat which stores excess calories. White fat makes up at least 20% of our bodyweight, brown fat makes up between only 3 and 7%.

viagra weight loss.Brown fat’ is found in abundance in new-born babies and very young children, which keeps the body warm as it is burnt by the body to generate a constant supply of heat.

As we get older we lose most of this fat, retaining only a small amount of brown fat around the neck and shoulders where this helps us to retain our body’s core temperature.

Trials in humans are now underway, a group of men will be given Viagra and the others a placebo to take three times a day for one week and then their body fat measured.

Lab studies revealed that Viagra caused changes in body fat so that the calories consumed are used as fuel by the body rather than stored. A study conducted at the University of Bonn in Germany on mice that were given Viagra for one week, showed that the white fat cells were converted into ‘beige’ fat, like brown fat, burns the energy from food and converts it into heat.

Scientists have started investigating ways in which they can maintain and even produce more brown fat in the body which is where Viagra was found to produce a process in the body known as ‘browning’.

Browning is where exposure to colder temperatures induces the conversion of white fat into brown fat.

How Does Viagra Work?

It’s not known exactly how Viagra works in this way but it is believed that sildenafil boosts levels of a compound known as cGMP which helps to transmit various signals between cells and is believed to be a factor involved in fat browning. Those with a BMI of 30 or more are usually associated with lower levels of CGMP.

The higher levels of cGMP is believed to help create more brown fat and in turn, helps to speed up metabolism.

85Where To Buy Viagra In Ireland

You can obtain Viagra on prescription only for medical conditions that include erectile dysfunction if your doctor views you both healthy and suitable enough for the treatment as it can have some very serious side effects, though to obtain it for other uses before it becomes approved would be foolish and possibly dangerous.

Will I Lose Weight With Viagra

The studies and trials of Viagra for weight loss use are in their infancy and although some very positive results have yielded from the study, people shouldn’t rush down to the doctors for a prescription just yet, but its certainly a promising option for the future.

Until then, you don’t need to wait for an effective weight loss solution.

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