Fat Burners

Can I Lose Weight With A Fat Burner?

Well first thing’s first- What Are Fat Burners?

woman diet chocolate cakeFat burners (aka thermogenics) are natural weight loss supplements containing herbal extracts that help to boost the metabolism and increase our core body temperature for effective fat burning.

Fat burners activate the process of thermogenesis. This is the process where the fat we consume from our food is burnt as heat or energy (fuel) as a result of the increased metabolism and body temperature.

They are especially popular with those with more sedentary lifestyles as they help to burn fat before and after physical activity.

  But it doesn’t do all the work for you! You still need to eat a varied, well-balanced diet and take regular exercise alongside the use of a fat burner, to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

How Do Fat Burners Work?

fat burners weight lossFat burners work by burning calories as heat or energy, increase the metabolism and releases adrenaline in the body.  Some varieties of fat burners even have the added benefits of binding dietary fat and suppressing appetite.

They vary from formulation to formulation but are generally taken daily, between one and three times a day, before and after exercise.

Unlike prescription fat burners, natural fat burning supplements can be used for as long as they are required, chemical based fat burners are only designed as a temporary solution and are only usually taken short-term.

How much weight you could lose depends on a number of factors but a loss of 2-3lbs a week has been reported with the use of a high quality fat burner.

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What’s In A Fat Burner?

Natural fat burners contain a selection of natural stimulants, most popular  ingredients consist of Guarana, Caffeine and Bitter Orange.

Some specific fat burners offer fat bitter orange weight lossbinding capabilities contain ingredients such as Litramine and Chitosan.

Not all fat burners are the same.

Some will contain a weak formulation; such ingredients which just won’t have the same effect that a high quality fat burner could have.

This is why it’s worth doing some research to find the right fat burner for you. 

Prescription Fat Burners

There are a few fat burners that are prescription strength. The most popular being one called Ephedrine.

This was once the most prescribed fat burner in the world and was easily accessible to anyone, even without a prescription.

Many doctors are reluctant to prescribe Ephredrine and would never consider it to be a first-line treatment for obesity.

People have become more aware of its dangers and so now, it is illegal to buy without a doctor’s prescription. It is reserved as a ‘last resort’, where someone is considered dangerously overweight and other weight loss methods just haven’t worked.

Is A Natural Fat Burner Right For Me?

For the majority of people, a natural pills on plate with fork fat burner is generally safe and well tolerated.

If you suffer from anxiety, it may be worth consulting your doctor before taking a fat burner.

Individuals who are sensitive to caffeine may decide to give them a miss as fat burners can raise the production of the body’s stress hormone Cortisol which in some cases, may make symptoms of anxiety worse.

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