Can I Buy Tea Tone Plus In Ireland?

How Does Tea Tone Plus Help You Lose Weight?

All The Weight Loss Benefits Of Green Tea + Raspberry Ketone In A Pill

tea tone plus bottleGreen tea is undoubtedly one of the most popular weight loss products in the world.

In terms of its benefits to overall health and its natural weight loss abilities, green tea is untouchable.

Though it’s an acquired taste and drinking several cups of green tea a day won’t appeal to everyone.

Having to make endless cups of teas a day is not always very convienient, especially for those constantly on the go.

Thankfully, there is an excellent alternative available and that is Tea Tone Plus.

Tea Tone Plus is a weight loss supplement that contains 800mg of potent fat burning ingredients; three pure and organic high premium quality green teas and a powerful Raspberry ketone extract designed to kickstart the weight loss process and block and prevent the absorption of dietary fat.

Tea Tone Plus Can Help To:

  • Lose Weight Without Extreme Dieting
  • Naturally Boosts Immune System
  • Lowers The Harmful Levels Of ‘Bad’ Cholesterol And Triglycerides
  • Naturally Burns Fat And Raises The Metabolism
  • Promotes A Healthy Heart And Cardiovascular System

Tea Tone Plus provides an all in one weight loss formulation in the convenience of an easy to swallow, daily capsule so it’s simple to incorporate into your daily routine, whenever and wherever you are.

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The Tea-Tone Plus Formula

Green Select Phytosome

green select phytosomeGreen Select Phytosome is simply, green tea extract in its most concentrated form.

It works by targeting fat cells throughout the body. In one clinical trial, 50 subjects lost an average of 30.52 pounds by taking Green Select Phytosome.

Pu-erh Tea Extract
Pu-erh Tea works to support weight loss by helping to inhibit the synthesis of fatty acids and helps to promote a healthy heart and prevent cardiovascular diseases. It also helps to stimulate the central nervous system and helps the body to expend more energy.

Oolong Tea Extract
Oolong Tea contains very high amounts of antioxidants and stimulates a process called lipolysis (where fat is broken down to supply energy to the body) and blocks the action of lipase (an enyzme that breaks down fatty substances in our diet so that the intestines can absorb them easily and reducing the absorption of dietary fat. Oolong also helps to raise the metabolism for greater fat burning.
Razberi-K razberi-k tea tone plus
Razberi-K is a special ketone that is completely unique to raspberries. Research has shown that raspberry ketone helps to decrease abdominal fat and the amount of fat in the liver. It also increases norepinephrine induced lipolysis (the decomposition of fat).

How To Take Tea Tone Plus

All that is required is to take two capsules a day and enjoy the benefits of gradual and healthy weight loss.

Most users report losing on average between 2lb to 3lbs a week.

Where To Buy Tea Tone Plus In Ireland

teatonepluscta_zpsc2f86918Tea Tone Plus cannot be purchased from any high street store and any other similar product is likely to be a poor imitation.

You can purchase the real thing directly from the manufacturers, they offer fast, worldwide shipping.

They have a refund and return policy within 30 days of purchase so you can buy with confidence.

A one month supply costs just €33.54.

Take advantage of the super deal, a three month’s supply of Tea Tone Plus with 1 month completely free, so that’s four months of weight loss potential! The super deal costs just €109.45. Don’t miss out!

Get Slimmer, Feel Healthier And Have More Energy With Tea Tone Plus

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