Synedrex Review Ireland

What Is Synedrex

Can Synedrex Help You Lose Weight?

Synedrex Physician Formulated Weight Loss Formula from Metabolic Nutrition is both a thermogenic fat burner and appetite suppressant in one.

Using highly potent stimulant-based formula, the manufacturers state that just one pill a day can aid significant weight loss.

The manufacturers confidently claim that Synedrex can:

  • Stimulate Fat Loss
  • Provide Powerful Energy
  • Suppress The Appetite
  • Enhance Mental Focus And Clarity

But is there any weight to these claims? First thing’s first, lets look at the formulation..

Synedrex Formulation

The 3 Active Ingredients in Synedrex consist of;


Sibutramine is well documented for its appetite suppressing qualities and the fact that it increases the levels of the ‘feel-good’ hormone serotonin.

However, it has since been banned in many countries worldwide as its use has been associated with potentially fatal consequences; stroke, heart attack and renal failure.


Most commonly known as Bitter Orange, it is commonly used as a ‘safer’  alternative to ephedra though its safety is under scrutiny.

It is a stimulant to increase the metabolism as its natural chemicals work on the nervous system, increasing blood pressure and causing the heart rate to increase.

Bitter Orange is considered a banned substance by the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) following reports of strokes, palpitations and even deaths caused as a result of using Synephrine.


Methylxanthine is a stimulant that has very similar effects to caffeine, it helps to burn calories, increase energy levels and helps to raise levels of adrenaline which helps to suppress the appetite. Methylxanthine can increase the heart rate, causing palpitations, anxiety and sleep problems.

Aside from these, Synedrex contains 3 other stimulant-based chemicals;

Yohimbine, 3 Dimethylamine Synthetic and R-ß-Methylphenethylamine.

Which each have their own risks, some very serious indeed.

On the positive, Synedrex also contains vitamins and minerals such as Chromium and Green Tea Extract.

But this is surely of little comfort when you examine the harmful effects that the active ingredients could have.

Will Synedrex Work?

Synedrex will almost certainly have some considerable effects on weight loss and  appetite control but it comes at a price that might just be too high to pay.

Should I Use Synedrex?

There is no doubt that Synedrex may have some effective weight loss results which may be beneficial to those who have explored other avenues of weight loss with little success.

However, due to the questionable formulation and the health risks that could be entailed from taking Synedrex, we would strongly encourage potential users to err on the side of caution and to seek out another product.

Are There Any Natural Or Safer Alternatives?

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