Pure Svetol Green Coffee Extract Review

What Is Pure Svetol Green Coffee

As Recommended by Dr Oz, it’s the most powerful Green Coffee Bean supplement around..

Svetol Green CoffeeSvetol Green Coffee Bean Extract has hit the shores of Ireland and is already taking the diet world by storm, as the power of the green coffee bean has come to our attention.

Boasting 50% Chlorogenic Acid (90mg per capsule), Svetol provides fast, safe and efficient fat burning without any of the usual side effects; i.e. anxiety, the jitters, digestive problems that are commonly associated with fat burners – without compromising on effectiveness and strength.

It also contains a minimal amount of caffeine less than 2%! That’s certainly good news for those of us who are sensitive the effects of caffeine.

  • 50% Pure chlorogenic acid – the equivalent of consuming 3-6 cups of coffee a day
  • Safe for individuals sensitive to caffeine and other stimulants
  • Natural and clinically proven
  • Can aid faster fat burning for optimum weight loss results
  • Convenient and simple to take, no fuss or interruption to your day or lifestyle

Learn More About Svetol Green Coffee- Where To Buy In Ireland

The Svetol Extract

svetol green coffee beansSvetol is a derivative of unroasted, decaffeinated green coffee beans of the Robusta (Coffea canephora robusta Pierre) coffee plant.

It contains a high amount of chlorogenic acid, a natural antioxidant that is found in raw, unroasted coffee beans.

Chlorogenic acid is proven to help slow down the release of glucose into the bloodstream which can prevent the fat we eat from being properly absorbed thus aiding weight loss. 

Chlorogenic acid is usually destroyed in the traditional process of roasting coffee beans, the shop bought coffee many of us consume contains very little.  But coffee beans that have not been roasted or otherwise processed, contains a large amount of chlorogenic acid. The drawback is that this produces a very bitter, unpalatable taste which is why they are very rarely consumed as a beverage, but makes an excellent supplement.

You don’t need to be a coffee drinker to reap the amazing weight loss benefits that Svetol can provide..

Supplement Facts

Svetol Green Coffee Extract is suitable for persons sensitive to caffeine, vegetarians, and vegans and does not contain any wheat or gluten making it ideal for those with dairy and wheat intolerances. 

The supplement consists of 200mg of pure green coffee extract (that’s 90g of Chlorogenic acid) and Caffeic acid, its natural antioxidant properties helps to decrease the amount of lipid oxidation in the liver. 

green coffee bean benefits

Svetol Weight Loss Results

Reports have shown that those who have taken the green coffee bean extract for 60 consecutive days have achieved weight loss of up to 11 lbs. (5kg).

A clinical study in France involved participants aged between 19 and 75 with a BMI of over 25 took 400mg of Svetol every day. These participants lost 5.7% of their weight prior to taking Svetol; this was an overall average of an 11 lbs. weight loss.

Where To Buy Svetol Green Coffee In Ireland

You can order Svetol Green Coffee direct from the manufacturer’s website with fast, discreet and secure shipping.

buy svetol green coffeeA one month supply (60 capsules) is available for just €31.00 – this makes a nice little saving of 38%.  

Every order comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Which means if you are not satisfied with your weight loss results within a month of taking Svetol you will receive your money back – no questions asked.

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