Phentabz Review Ireland

Does Phentabz Live Up To The Hype?

phentabz bottlePhentabz is quite a high profile diet pill and has been available for a number of years.

Its popularity has soared since it became the subject of some quite aggressive marketing campaigns with the manufacturers making some rather bold statements such as the ‘Worlds Number 1 Weight Loss Pill.’

How Does Phentabz Work?

It works by (according to the makers) stimulating and increasing the metabolism, triggering an increase in the bodies natural fat burning processes.

The manufacturers official site talks about FDA approved ingredients but actually fails to disclose these in any capacity.

We managed to discover the formula ourselves and can confirm that it contains;

  • octopamine phentabzOctopamine – Claimed to help release fat cells – unsubstantiated
  • Methylhexaneamine – Stimulant derived from Geranium oils
  • 1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine – Pharmaceutical form of caffeine

The makers give no details of just how much of each ingredient is in each dose. This is particularly worrying because as these are stimulant type compounds ( like caffeine), should anybody with an intolerance to these ingredients take Phentabz, it could well cause adverse reactions.

It is recommended that if you have any intolerance to caffeine or similar stimulants, or if you have any history of heart problems, elevated blood pressure or diabetes that you avoid Phentabz at all costs.

Is Phentabz Approved?

Despite their claims, there is no reference to Phentabz on the FDA official website. –Phentabz screenshot


Does Phentabz Work?

On paper the formula in Phentabz should be able to deliver some good results. That said, the distinct lack of any information about the actual formula and amount of each ingredient means that the consumer has no real way of knowing if Phentabz is effective or not.

The official website is full of (to be expected) glowing reviews, but looking elsewhere there are very few reports of any success.

Is Phentabz Guaranteed?

There is no guarantee provided by the manufacturer, what makes things worse in our opinion is that there is absolutely no contact details or addresses for the makers on the website.. all we have found out is that they are based in Florida USA.

Where To Buy Phentabz?

Only available from the official website.

Our Thoughts

Do not Go Anywhere Near This One Except At Your Own Risk.

The lack of any real information on the formula, no guarantees or any way in which to contact the manufacturers should you have any queries leaves us cold..

One To Avoid!!!

 Why Not..

Take a look at Phen375?

phen375 best phentermine alternative ireland

Made by a reputable and easily contactable company, this is an FDA approved and 100% safe alternative to Phentermine.

With a cash back guarantee and a fully disclosed formula, Phen375 is made in a government approved facility to the highest and purest standards to provide one of the best products in its class and comes highly recommended.

 Read More About Phen375

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