Lemon Detox Maple Syrup Diet

Does The Lemon Detox Maple Syrup Diet Really Work?

The Maple Syrup diet, the Lemon Detox diet or the Lemonade Master Cleanse as it’s sometimes known are all variations on a theme; lemon juice and maple syrup. But does it really help you lose weight?lemon detox

What Is The Lemon Detox Maple Syrup Diet?

Channel 4 has featured the elusive Maple Syrup diet as one of the most popular diets, apparently favoured by many celebrities.

Beyonce Knowles in particular was alleged to be a big fan of the Lemonade Master Cleanse diet.

The programme that brought Lemon Detox Diet to the forefront, showed TV Diet Doctor Dr Anu Bhatia showed the audience how civil servant Jacqui from London claimed that she had lost over a stone on the Maple Syrup Diet.

The Lemon Detox Maple Syrup Diet is a liquid diet that is based on Madal Bal, a natural drink that is made from a special organic blend of maple and palm tree syrup, mixed with fresh lemon juice, water and cayenne pepper.

How Does The Lemon Detox Maple Syrup Diet Work?

The Lemon juice provides Vitamin C and potassium and is believed to help dissolve toxins in the body such as mucus and waste.

The cayenne pepper helps to speed up the metabolism rate, helping with fat burning.

It’s reported that not only does it aid weight loss, it also improves mood, making dieters feel happierlemons diet and more energetic.

There are 4 ways to follow the diet program which are outlined in the free guide provided by the manufacturers.

They recommend that most people who are new to the detoxing programme, purchases a 1litre tin of maple syrup which should last between 5-7 days.

Those used to detoxing should follow the programme for up to 10 days.

It’s also recommended that a ‘slimming tea with a mild laxative effect’ is taken each evening. 

 How To Use The Lemon Detox Maple Syrup Diet

  • The instructions that the manufacturers give us are as follows: maple syrup diet
  • Two small tsps of Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup only, no other syrup to be used.
  • Two tsps of one half of a freshly squeezed lemon.
  • Half a pinch of cayenne pepper or ginger
  • Mix together the detox formula and add half a pint of hot or cold water
  • Recommended dose is between 6 and 9 glasses a day. (Though we’re not sure who would want to drink this many glasses of it a day?)

Where To Buy Lemon Detox Maple Syrup Diet In Ireland

If you live in Eire — you can’t.

Lemon Detox is shipped to the UK only. For those in the UK, you can purchase 1 litre of the maple syrup drink for €54.01 online from the manufacturers.

You receive a free box of Slimming Tea with every order of the 1 litre.

They also do a 500ml tin of the maple syrup for €35.16, the slimming tea is exempt from orders of less than a litre but you do get the option of buying Slimming Tea with a modest €6.28 saving.

Our Thoughts

 young woman thumbs down weight lossWe think the Lemon Detox Maple Syrup diet is little more than a novelty..

And an expensive one at that for €54.01 for a litre that apparently only lasts up to a week. They offer no money back guarantee -only if the product is faulty.

The only ingredient in the mix that is proven to have any weight loss benefits at all, would be the cayenne pepper. When taken in sufficient amounts it can kickstart the process of thermogenesis – accelerating fat burning by turning fat into fuel.

But the amount of cayenne pepper is undisclosed, so it’s not even clear if it would contain enough to be effective.

Lemon juice is undoubtedly good for you, but there’s certainly no evidence to suggest that lemon juice helps you lose weight.

And as for the maple syrup, we think its better on our pancakes.

The recommendation to drink a slimming tea with a mild laxative effect as well the rather excessive 6-9 glasses of the Lemon Detox you have to consume a day sounds rather hazardous to your health.

One To Avoid!!!

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