How Raspberry Ketone Can Help You Lose Weight

What Are Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry Ketones are the naturally occurring phenolic compound that gives the red raspberry fruit (Rubus idaeus) the delicious and distinctive aroma that many of us love. raspberry ketone

If you’re not already familiar with raspberry ketones, there’s a good chance you’ve unknowingly come into contact with them.

The compounds are often extracted to add colour and flavouring to many food stuffs, some fizzy drinks and are even sometimes used in certain cosmetics.

In cases of hair loss, raspberry ketone is sometimes applied to the scalp as it is claimed it can help to improve hair growth.

Raspberry Ketone And Weight Loss

While raspberry ketones are nothing new, it’s popularity has soared due to the fairly recent discovery that the compound is actually a powerful fat burner.

As featured on FOX News in the US and the popular health guru Dr Oz Show, dieters have since been clamouring to try the weight loss sensation for its powerful effects on weight loss.

raspberry ketone2Research showed that the raspberry ketone compound helps to both increase and secrete the protein hormone adiponectin.

Adiponectin is responsible for controlling a number of metabolic processes that include regulation of glucose and fatty acidcatabolism.

The higher the levels of adiponectin a person has, the lower percentage of body fat

Studies conducted on animals revealed that when raspberry ketones are taken with a high fat diet, they have very potent anti-obesity effects and fatty build up in the liver is reduced. The way in which this occurs is because raspberry ketone increase the levels of the brain chemical norepinephrine. Norepinephrine helps to induce lipolysis (breakdown of fat) in the fat cells known as white adipocytes.

When taken as a supplement alongside a healthy, well-balanced diet and regular exercise, Raspberry ketone can help to aid significant weight loss results, making it a natural alternative to some conventional weight loss products that can contain questionable ingredients.

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