How Do Diet Pills Work

How Do Diet Pills Work

 woman holding diet pillsDespite what you may think, diet pills are not a ‘miracle’ or a ‘quick fix’, you can’t just take one tablet and drop down a dress size overnight.

Do not be misled by the phrase ‘diet pill’, they are a dietary supplement, designed to work as alongside a healthy lifestyle, a stepping stone to ‘aid’ you in your weight loss.

There’s no question that diet pills work but they can only do so much, the rest of it is up to you….

Diet pills have earned a bit of a reputation, perhaps rightly in some cases, for being a bit dubious as there are unfortunately many pills on the market that can have unpleasant and sometimes, dangerous side effects.

The good news is that the majority of these are not available for general sale and can only be obtained by prescription from a doctor. Although many doctors are reluctant to prescribe these, so when they are it is on a strictly short term basis and when all other weight loss methods have failed.

Diet pills come in various formulations but natural diet pills are generally herbal and are the preferred choice of diet pill as they are safe to use and can be used for as long as is necessary without any detrimental effects to your health. They are designed to be used between 1-3 times a day, alongside a healthy eating plan and ideally, regular exercise.

woman looking at herself in mirror weight lossDiet pills are usually split into 3 categories; fat burners, fat binders, appetite suppressants.

Fat Burners

Fat burners as the name suggests, helps to burn fat. A fat burner will raise the body’s core temperature which stimulates the metabolism, thus burning more calories and helping the body burn fat more efficiently and quicker than before. These are most effective when taken before exercise. Example of a popular fat burner is Raspberry Ketone Plus.

Fat Binders

Fat binders work in a different way; fat binders use a special herbal based compound that binds to the dietary fat we consume like glue, to form a gel like consistency, this is virtually impossible for the body to digest so it is then passed through the body naturally instead of storing the fat. Fat binders can also promote the feeling of ‘fullness’ as the compound swells slightly in the stomach so it can help to reduce hunger. Proactol Plus is a highly recommended and clinically fat binder.

Appetite Suppressant

An appetite suppressant helps to send signals of satiety to the brain, so the brain thinks that the stomach is full allowing dieters to go longer between meals, reducing the daily calorie intake helping with weight loss.  Such appetite suppressant is Garcinia Cambogia 100mg.

Which one you opt for, is up to you and your own individual weight loss goals.

A diet pill will only work with some effort on your part. But by including a diet pill into your daily diet, eating well and getting regular exercise, you should reap the rewards of a slimmer, trimmer body in no time.

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