How Do Appetite Suppressants Work

What Are Appetite Suppressants?

An appetite suppressant (or appetite suppressor) is a highly popular dietary woman pushing food awayweight loss supplement that, like the name suggests, suppress the sensations of hunger. It works to prevent or ‘stave off’ hunger by sending signals to the brain that the stomach is full.

Research has proved that appetite suppressants work by helping to increase the natural level of serotonin (the feel good hormone) in the brain. This is responsible for controlling most, if not all of functions, particularly our mood. If our level of serotonin is increased, our appetite reduces.

Appetite suppressants essentially trick the body into thinking that it has just eaten

Snacking can be caused by a variety of different reasons; feeling down about your weight, feeling bored or just simply because you can! This is one thing many dieters find particularly difficult to control when trying to lose weight. This is why the use of an appetite suppressant is so useful in these situations.

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What Do Appetite Suppressants Contain?

Appetite suppressants of the non-prescription variety contain various herbal/plant extracts which are proven to have an effect on the appetite. They are the preferred option because they are safe, 100% natural and generally well tolerated by most people.

There are a few appetite suppressants that only a doctor can prescribe, though these should only be considered in extreme circumstances such as severe obesity as they are not without their potential side effects and so are not suitable for everyone.

What Option Is Best For Me?

A prescription appetite supprewoman looking at pillsssant can provide fast and very effective results but it is unclear how safe they are for long-term use. Which is why they are rarely prescribed and if they are, strict medical supervision is needed throughout the duration of treatment.

Phentermine (otherwise known as Adipex-P) is one of the most popular prescription appetite suppressants. Due to its close similarity to amphetamines (illegal stimulant) it needs to be taken under strict guidance by a doctor. It is extremely effective but its side effects can be very serious and even life threatening. It can only be obtained through prescription.

Our Recommended Appetite Suppressant

 Caralluma Fimbriata Pure

Caralluma Fimbriata PureFor a natural (and far safer alternative) the appetite suppressant that we would highly recommend is Caralluma Fimbriata Pure. 

Containing absolutely no caffeine or stimulants, GMP approved and produced in the UK, Caralluma Fimbriata has been studied in many clinical trials and has been found to have potent results on weight loss.

Referred to as the ‘Indian Hoodia’, this prickly cactus like plant extract helps to not only curb appetite but also burn fat too thanks to a natural phytochemical that prevents a fat storing enzyme from functioning correctly so that we have a fighting chance at losing weight. 

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