How Can You Beat The Belly Fat

How Can You Beat The Belly Fat

The Risks Of Visceral Fat

‘Muffin top,’ ‘spare tyre,’ ‘pot belly’ whatever you want to call it, that permanent fixture around your stomach has to go.

Visceral fat (Intra-abdominal adipose tissue) is an accumulation of deep fat that’s stored deep down below, further down that the usual subcutaneous belly fat. It is a gel-like substance that ends up tangled up around your vital organs such as kidneys, liver and pancreas.

If you have a large stomach (particularly a protruding one and a big waist), it’s likely that you are suffering from visceral fat. Although its not always obvious by looking at someone, as sometimes seemingly slimmer people can have hidden areas of visceral fat.

The good news is that you can get rid of it.

The bad news is it is one of the worst types of fat and can have serious consequences to your health such as:

  • Heart attack, heart disease and stroke
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis (and worsening of existing conditions)
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Insomnia
  • Obesity


Causes of Visceral Fat 

Apart from the usual overeating and self-indulging including drinking a lot of alcohol (which can lead to the beer belly!) and sitting down in front of the TV all day; other causes for visceral fat include:

  • Smoking

Contrary to popular belief, (that smoking keeps you skinny) smoking can actually cause a build up of visceral fat*. So it’s not just your teeth, breath and wallet that suffer.

*Read study here

  • Lack of sleep 

Inadequate sleep can do all sorts of things to our bodies, including causing us to gain weight. Sleep apnea (temporarily stopping breathing during sleep caused by soft tissue blocking the airway) is associated with higher levels of visceral fat, though this is mainly because sufferers of sleep apnea are generally overweight*, (though not always).

*See study here

  • Build up of Bad Bacteria 

The natural flora in our gut can sometimes become unbalanced and we end up with more of the ‘bad’ bacteria. Studies have proven that this can lead to weight gain.

How Can I Lose My Belly Fat?

Apart from the obvious eat less and move more, it’s not always as straightforward as that to lose weight. Sometimes we need a little push to help us on our way, which is why we suggest you take a look at our recommended diet pills. Natural, clinically tested and safe, these are some of the best weight loss pills in Ireland today, they don’t require a prescription and you can get started on losing your belly fat and onto gaining a healthier, slimmer body.

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