Davina McCall Sugar Diet

Could You Give Up Sugar?

 TV Presenter, Mother And Fitness Guru Davina McCall has hit the media recently as she admits she has gone ‘sugar-free’

davina mccall gives up sugarSugar is one of the leading causes of obesity, tooth decay and type 2 diabetes and despite knowing the lasting effects on health, many of us are truly addicted to sugar.

Featured in the Daily Mail online, BBC Good Food online and various other publications, including TV appearances, Davina McCall has taken the radical approach of eradicating sugar from her diet and has released a book ‘5 Weeks To Sugar-Free’.

She believes that cutting sugar out of our diet will lead to weight loss, clear skin, more energy and improved mood.

In The Daily Mail Online she says;

I just want to look good for my age, which means maintaining my weight Davina 5 weeks to sugar free bookand eating healthily. Now I’ve gone sugar-free I don’t get the highs and lows that can affect your mood and energy levels. It’s as if my appetite has been recalibrated so I feel fantastic.’

In Davina’s book 5 Weeks To Sugar Free she shares her own delicious sugar-free recipes along with hints, inspiring tips and plenty of advice for those wanting to kick their sugar habit in just 5 weeks.

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If the thought of giving up sugar is too much to bear, no need to panic –there is an alternative.

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