Cho-Yung Tea Review

Where To Buy Cho-Yung Weight Loss Tea In Ireland

Cho-Yung The Original Weight Loss Tea Is Back In Town!

cho yung tea irelandGreen Tea is one of the most popular and most consumed beverages worldwide. Not only for its distinctive, refreshing taste but for its immense benefits to all-round health. And in recent years, it has become one of the most popular weight loss solutions for its natural ability to boost the metabolism and inhibit fat absorption.

So What Makes Cho-Yung Any Dfferent From All The Other Green Teas Out There?

Cho-Yung Weight Loss Tea has the best of both worlds; it is a hybrid of both a green and herbal tea.

Formulated from an ancient 400 year old recipe, it contains a unique combination of both premium Oolong tea and a specially selected blend of traditional herbal and plant extracts.

This not only helps to aid successful weight loss but also helps to maintain good health so not only do you get in shape, you also feel great in the process!

Cho Yung Weight Loss Tea has been making waves in the media with model and photographer Penny Lancaster-Stewart raving about how Cho-Yung has helped her to retrieve her enviable figure following her pregnancy and breastfeeding.

And here’s what Penny had to say about Cho-Yung…

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The Cho-Yung Formula

Oolong Tea (Wu Long) controls the metabolism of fat and is rich in polyphenolic compounds that help protect against free radical damage.

Lotus Leaf – This helps to support and maintain healthy digestion.

Cassia Seeds – Supports the internal organs.

Alisma- Prevents bloating caused through digestive discomfort.

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum – Known as the ‘immortality herb’  as it is believed those who use the traditional herb, live longer for it has potent antioxidant properties, helps to purify and body’s cells and supports the organs through the digestion process.

Choose Cho-Yung Tea For Safe And Optimum Weight Loss

Cho-Yung Weight Loss Tea helps to shed unwanted fat safely and naturally.

The combination of ingredients in Cho-Yung Tea help to kick-start the process known as ‘fat oxidation’. Which simply means, instead of storing the body’s fat reserves, burning this fat to use as fuel (or energy).

girls drinking cho-yungCho-Yung naturally disposes of the fat instead of storing it, while preventing the body from absorbing the dietary fat from the foods we eat.

It is worth remembering that Cho-Yung does not do all the work for you. It is designed to be enjoyed as part of your daily routine alongside a healthy diet and light exercise.

Continuing with a high fat diet and little exercise, you are unlikely to achieve the weight loss results you desire even with the use of Cho-Yung.

Weight loss results vary from person to person and depends on many factors, but using Cho-Yung Weight Loss Tea can certainly get you on the road to becoming a newer, healthier, slimmer you.

How To Use Cho-Yung Tea

To achieve your weight loss goals, it is recommended to drink 2 cups of Cho-Yung Tea everyday. One cup in the morning and another in the evening is typical though you can drink the tea at any time of the day you wish. It is not advised to drink two cups within an hour of each other.

Once you have lost weight, you can continue enjoying Cho-Yung as part of your daily routine to help maintain your weight loss as well as promoting a healthy body and mind.

Where To Buy Cho-Yung Weight Loss Tea

Cho-Yung Weight Loss Tea is available to buy worldwide.

For those in the UK, Cho-Yung is available to buy from a few select retailers,  including Harrods of London. Cho Yung Tea cta

Those elsewhere, for ease and convienience and to ensure you are getting the genuine article, you can buy Cho-Yung Tea securely from the manufacturers website.

Each pack of Cho-Yung tea is priced at €51.11, which is the equivalent of a 2 week supply.

Why not check out the Cho Yung Green Tea Mega Pack where you get a 6 package bundle for just €38.00 – that’s 3 whole months of weight loss potential!! Don’t miss out!

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