Cha Yi Premium Green Tea Review Ireland

Does Cha Yi Premium Green Tea Work?

cha yi green tea irelandIt’s the very latest of many weight loss teas to arrive in Ireland, but how does it measure up to other green teas of its kind?

Cha Yi Premium Green Tea is a natural slimming tea that uses an ancient and unique blend of herbal ingredients the manufacturers say ‘far surpass the benefits of green tea alone’.

It’s also claimed that the taste of the tea isn’t bitter like traditional green tea blends and is a more palatable flavour to those who do not enjoy the taste of green tea.

The makers of Cha Yi state that their tea provides the following benefits:

  • Burns the body’s fat reserves
  • Blocks absorption of fat
  • No need for drastic exercise or diet changes
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Soothe and ease bowel movements

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How Cha Yi Tea Works

The way in which Cha Yi works is not dissimilar to most weight loss teas.

The manufacturers tell us that Cha Yi can help to support weight loss by helping to oxidise fat and blocking the fat absorption from the foods we eat. Certain ingredients in Cha Yi are also believed to help to boost the metabolic rate for more efficient fat burning.

 The Cha Yi Blend

The Cha Yi formulation consists of 6 primary ingredients;

Oolong Tea – Oolong tea is produced from the leaves of the Camelia Sinensis plant, the same where traditional black tea comes from. It differs in its appearance and taste, due to the way in which the leaves are processed. Oolong is partially fermented and black tea is fully fermented. It contains a high level of natural antioxidants and helps to increase metabolism and fat burning capabilities. It also contains a very low amount of caffeine which is ideal for those sensitive to stimulants.

lotus leafLotus Leaf – Lotus Leaf is an aquatic flowering plant that is found throughout the tropical regions of Asia and the Middle East. The leaves are traditionally used to treat conditions such as diarrhoea and muscle spasms. Research has said that when lotus leaf is combined with l-carnitine it might be a treatment option for obesity as when the two extracts were combined it was revealed to prevent adipogenesis (the formation of fatty tissue) therefore helping to slow down the absorption of fat and carbohydrates.

Cassia Seeds (Cassia Bark, Cassia cinnamon) – Cassia cinnamon is a plant, the bark and seeds are extrracted and used for medicine and has various uses. Cassia can help to treat the common cold, wind (flatulence), muscle and stomach cramps, prevent nausea and vomiting. It can also purify the blood and help to lower the blood pressure.  It naturally contains a chemical called cinnamaldehyde that may help to destroy bacteria and fungi.

water plantainAlisma Rhizone (Water plantain) – Alisma Rhizone (also known as water plantain) is a water plant found throughout marshlands of Asia and North America. The seeds ripen in the summer months and it is then harvested in the autumn, It’s easily recognised for its distinctive odour and bitter taste. It is believed to remove toxins from the body. Traditional uses include treatment for rabies which is why alisma is sometimes known as mad dog weed and treatment for UTI infections (urinary tract infections).

Jiaogulan (Southern Ginseng) – Jiaogulan is a wild chinese plant. Sometimes it’s known as “Southern ginseng” because of where its grown and because it has similar uses to Ginseng. Jiaogulan is often used to treat high cholesterol and blood pressure, boosting the immune system, improve memory and even help to prevent hair loss. It also has antiageing, antioxidant and detoxification qualities.

poriaPoria (Fu Ling) – Poria mushroom is a fungus that is traditionally used in Chinese medicine. It contains certain chemicals that may help to reduce inflammation, improve kidney function, prevent tinnitus and has various other uses such as calming anxiety, relieving fatigue, diarrhoea and coughing.

The manufacturers don’t give any recommendations as to how many cups a day should or should not be consumed. It is suggested that 2 cups a day is adequate for most people.

Our Thoughts

A few of the ingredients raises a red flag for us.

Cassia seeds can in some cases can be potentially harmful in some people – especially when taken for long periods of time.  Cassia contains a large amount of a chemical called coumarin. This has been shown to cause liver damage in some users and has been known to worsen existing liver problems.

Read more about the adverse effects here

There is also a chance of an allergic skin reaction if applied to the skin.

Diabetics in particular should find a more suitable alternative as cassia can mess with the blood sugar levels and can be dangerous. woman with cup of green tea

Similarly, those with liver damage, should avoid products containing cassia as some of the chemicals could harm the liver.

It is unknown whether it is safe to use during pregnancy or breast feeding.

Alisma Rhizone is reported to be potentially unsafe and toxic. The fresh rootstock is believed to be poisonous.

There is not enough data to truly support these findings but it’s definitely puts a doubt in our mind as to how safe it is. 

Jiaogulan is apparently safe when taken by mouth and used for short-term use (up to 4 months). Possible side effects include increased bowel movements and nausea.

Jiaogulan should not be used during pregnancy or by anyone suffering from a blood clotting disease or a disease that effects that immune system such as Lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus).

Any supplement that contains Jiaogulan should be stopped several weeks in advance of surgery.

Should You Buy Cha Yi Green Tea?

It’s reasonably priced at €25.59 for a one month supply. (30 teabags.) In our opinion, we believe Cha Yi Green Tea is basically a good product which is bound to yield successful weight loss results and for the majority of people, and for most it will pose no risk to health.

For those on certain medications and with serious health conditions, Cha Yi may not be suitable.

In light of the possible health implications of a few of these ingredients, we would suggest that you look elsewhere for a safer alternative.

However, if you would still like to give it a try, you can purchase Cha Yi online from the official website.

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