Cellan Fat Burner Review – Is It Safe

Should I Buy Cellan Fat Burner?

 Is The Hype Surrounding Cellan Justified? We Take A Closer Look….

What Is Cellan?

cellan diet pill irelandCellan (or Cellean as it was previously known) is a weight loss supplement that is marketed as an all-natural ‘triple-threat’ fat burner.

The manufacturers claim that Cellan is unlike most other run of the mill weight loss supplements as it offers ‘three times the amount of fat-burning power of your average diet pill.

Cellan works in 3 ways;

Cellan acts as a carb blocker. Blocking carbohydrates that we eat so that the body cannot break it down and store it as unwanted fat.

Cellan encourages lipolysis – the release of fat from the fat cells.

It also helps to oxide the released fat, apparently getting rid of the undesirable ‘wobble’ from the excess fat due to movement in your bottom, thighs, legs and arms.

The manufacturers believe that Cellan can help to:

  • Boost Fat Burning Potential
  • Suppress Appetite
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Stabilise Blood Sugar

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The Cellan Formula

EGCG Extract – EGCG extract (short for epigallocatechin-3-gallate) is a naturally occuring polyphenol found in green tea. EGCG has been proven to be egcg extractbeneficial to weight loss by kickstarting the process of thermogenesis, the process where the bodies fat is burnt as fuel for energy.

Vitamin C – Research has shown that individuals taking a higher dose of Vitamin C have a less amount of body fat than those who don’t. Vitamin C can help to boost body fat oxidation, particularly during moderate exercise. Being deficient in Vitamin C can make it harder to lose weight. 

Berry Blend – A specially blended concoction of Raspberry ketone, blackberry extract and blueberry extract. strawberries blackberries blueberries

Raspberry ketone is the natural compound in raspberries that give them their sweet smell. In weight loss, higher doses of raspberry ketone is said to increase the body’s production of the protein adiponectin. Adiponectin raises the metabolism and helps the body to break down fat more efficiently.

Blueberry and Blackberry extracts are said to protect cells from oxidative stress, prevent obesity, lower blood pressure, maintain the metabolism and protect against cancer and cardiovascular conditions.

Advantages diet pills on plate

The manufacturers appear to have done their homework with this one; the ingredients are all excellent and highly beneficial in promoting weight loss. There does not appear to be anything in the formulation that could cause any real adverse side effect. So the question is; is Cellan safe?

On the face of it, yes, Cellan appears to be a safe pill to take.


There isn’t any evidence though to say one way or the other, that users have had real results from Cellan simply because there just is not enough information.

The big drawback is that the amounts contained in the formulation are unknown. The manufacturers seem to shy away from disclosing the exact amounts in each dose.

So there is no way of knowing whether Cellan contains enough of the ingredients to have any real impact on your weight at all. Or if indeed, the extracts are of a low grade or whether they are high quality. 

If you’re asking yourself; Will I lose weight with Cellan? Possibly. But there’s nothing concrete to back this up.

Another thing that certainly raises the alarm for us, is that there does not appear to be many (if any) genuine testimonials online.

Another big red flag for us is to see immediately when going onto the official website that:

Cellan is an auto-ship program.

woman looking at bank statementAuto-ship programs are notoriously difficult (in many cases, impossible) to cancel. If you sign up for an auto-ship program with your credit card – you yourself cannot cancel. In some cases, people have had to go through the hassle of shutting down their accounts to get the payments to stop. 

Despite the manufacturers saying that all you need to do is call or email to cancel your membership if no longer wish to keep receiving Cellan, we know in many cases with programs like these, this is usually not the case.

The manufacturers charge you up to €7.86 for shipping expenses for a 16 day trial of Cellan. If you are happy with Cellan you can simply do nothing and you will be billed €78.61 for the first order and subsequent bottles every 30 days until you cancel.

Our Verdict:


We think you should give this one a miss. It’s certainly not cheap and lack of information combined with an auto-ship program really is a risky business.

If you do wish to try Cellan, do so at your own risk. You could end up out of pocket and potentially disappointed, if the product does not work for you.

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