Capsicum Weight Loss

The Weight Loss Power Of Capsicum 

We are a nation of curry lovers but did you know that chilli pepper can actually aid weight loss?

capsicum weight lossCapsicum (chilli peppers, chillies) is a species of flowering plants that belong to the nightshade family solanaceae. It originates from America but has been cultivated around the world and used as a spice in cooking and as a vegetable and additionally in certain medicines for its therapeutic effects. There are several variations of peppers ranging from mild to spicy (piquant).

Its the piquant ones that are used in the ever popular curry that many of us love to indulge in as they contain a chemical called capsaicin.

This is what causes the intense heat/burning sensation when chillies are eaten.

When chillies are consumed, a process within the body helps to rev up your metabolism and increase your body temperature, this is known as thermogenesis

It also helps to stimulate the process of breaking down fat in the body which is known as lipolysis.

woman eating chilli pepperWhile most of us couldn’t tolerate eating super hot curries or raw chilli peppers in an effort to lose weight, the good news is that there are weight loss supplements that contain capsicum as the active ingredient so you don’t have to suffer to shed the pounds!

If used in a weight loss supplement, taken prior to a workout, it can dramatically increase your fat burning potential and help you burn off more calories per day, helping you to lose weight.

 Our Recommended Supplement

For a natural, yet powerful weight loss supplement with a real ‘kick’ without burning the roof of your mouth of in the process, we recommend the best chilli diet pill available in Ireland; Capsiplex Sport.

Capsiplex Sport packs a real punch with its pure (completely unprocessed) and natural capsicum extract. For active men and women (or even if you’re not so active) it helps you to burn an impressive extra 278 calories a day while helping to give you the energy and stamina you need to workout at the gym and even helping you to build and maintain lean muscle.

Even non-gym goers will appreciate its potent effects on not only fat burning and weight loss, but also the increased energy and that ‘get up and go’ that Capsiplex Sport can provide.

It does all this without causing any stomach discomfort or unpleasant side effects.

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