Are Chocolate Banana Diet Pills Safe

Chocolate Banana Review

 When it comes to diet pills, you’re hard pushed to find a product that sounds better than Chocolate Banana.  As enticing as this elusive diet pill may appear, just how well does it work?

chocolate banana2What Is Chocolate Banana?

Chocolate Banana is a range of fat burning weight loss supplements for men and women.

Formulated in the UK in 2006, both the ‘Original’ and ‘Ultra’ range of Chocolate Banana products are claimed to help reduce body fat by the process of thermogenesis.

The way in which thermogenesis works is by burning the calories, utilising the foods you have just eaten and converting those calories to heat and energy as opposed to fat.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Chocolate Banana is also claimed to help suppress appetite and increase energy levels so that users eat less and are more active, due to feeling more energetic.

The manufacturers make the following statements:

‘BURN STUBBORN FAT: Using Chocolate Banana can help you shift fat from stubborn areas that are difficult to impact with diet alone.
ACHIEVE A TONED & SCULPTED LOOK: Because Chocolate Banana ingredients help you maintain a healthy metabolism, they help you lose fat and achieve better muscle definition.’

And it is touted as ‘The number 1 fat burner with over a million sold.’

Apparently, Chocolate Banana has undergone some changes to its diet supplements and received an update to the formulation and it is therefore now ‘new and improved.’

What’s In Chocolate Banana?

Bizarrely, despite its namesake, Chocolate Banana does not contain extracts of banana or chocolate!

Which may come as a disappointment to many! 

Looking at the official website, the makers fail to clearly disclose the ingredients in their current formula… but from our research, we have discovered that the supplement appears to contain the following;

Citrus Aurantium (commonly known as Bitter Orange)

CITRUS AURANTIUMCitrus Aurantium is a plant that has many medicinal and theraputic properties that widely range from the treatment of fungal infections (ringworm, athlete’s foot) and upset stomach to anaemia and cancer.  Its oil is often used as flavouring in liqueurs (Triple Sec, Grand Marnier) and Marmalade. It has gained popularity in weight loss supplements due to its said effects of the metabolism.

Bitter Orange was once considered a safe replacement for the stimulant ephredra which was banned by the FDA in 2004 for its dangerous effects on the heart.

However, it has been revealed that Bitter Orange does not appear to be any safer than ephedra and has its own risks.  Particularly so when combined with caffeine, which can lead to increased blood pressure and increased heart rate and currently Bitter Orange is now officially considered a banned substance by some authorities*.

* source article courtesy of WebMD – click here to read


Caffeine is a naturally occuring plant extract most commonly found in coffee beans, cocoa, tea and fizzy drinks. It’s also source of caffeine added to many prescription and non-prescription drugs particularly pain killers and cold and flu remedies. Its fast acting ‘buzz’ can begin to work as quickly as 15 minutes after ingestion and its effects can last for up to 6 hours.

Its stimulating qualities affect the central nervous system, promoting alertness and increased energy. In moderate doses, caffeine is believed to be relatively safe for healthy people. Excessive daily amounts (1000mg +)  of caffeine can cause side effects (some serious) increased heart rate and body temperature, insomnia, blurred vision, tremors and trouble breathing.

and to quote the manufacturers website themselves;

‘…combines the appetite suppressing powder associated with Hoodia’

This is quite a vague statement so it’s not clear whether Chocolate Banana does in fact contain Hoodia extract or as stated an ingredient associated with it.

Hoodia (Hoodia Gordonii)

Hoodia is derived from the South African succulent Hoodia Gordonii plant, traditionally used as medicine. HOODIA GORDONII

Though Hoodia is reported to have potent appetite suppression qualities, the NHS Knowledge Network in Scotland looked at a number of studies on hoodia in various clinical trials and there was no reliable evidence to suggest that hoodia was safe or had an effect on weight loss whatsoever.

The US Mayo Clinic came to the same conclusion; that there was no robust evidence to suggest that hoodia suppressed appetite or had any effect on weight loss whatsoever.

Some of the reported side effects from supplements containing Hoodia include; fast heartbeat (tachycardia), nervousness, increased bleeding, stomach upset, diarrhoea, headaches and even liver damage.

Subsequently, the sale of Hoodia in the UK and across the EU has been banned.

 How To Take Chocolate Banana

Rather worryingly, there is absolutely no indication on the official website of how or when Chocolate Banana should be taken. It is recommended elsewhere on the internet that users should be drinking at least 2litres of water a day while taking  chocolate banana.Chocolate Banana. 

Does Chocolate Banana Work?

While there does not appear to be a great deal of detailed information on Chocolate Banana anywhere, reviews on the web seem to suggest that some people have had success with the product and have felt less hungry and have lost weight.

Other reviews have suggested that Chocolate Banana doesn’t work at all and a percentage of people have had detrimental and quite serious side effects as a result.

The concerning thing is the lack of information regarding the formulation on the manufacturers website.

The ingredient quantities are not listed, apart from on the bottle where it states that Chocolate Banana contains 80mg caffeine per 1000mg serving

Where To Buy Chocolate Banana In Ireland

 Chocolate Banana can be purchased worldwide from the manufacturers website, ranging from €5.71 to €27.31 depending on the supply you order. It is also available to purchase from various outlets including 

The manufacturers do not appear to offer any money back guarantee.

Chocolate Banana comes in 2 servings, 30 servings and 60 servings.

 Our Verdict
woman weighing herself one foot
Not to mention, that the product contains one banned substance* and another that has conflicting evidence to suggest it may not actually have any real weight loss benefits at all.

With such a lack of evidence at the efficacy or the safety of Chocolate Banana, we strongly recommend you avoid this product.

Alternative Products

We have reviewed many weight loss products available on the market today and from our research have put together a list of recommended products that in our opinion, are effective, safe and offer value for money as well as a money back guarantee so you can purchase in complete confidence.

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